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About the brand

La Croa is an innovative and unique brand, created and manufactured in Croatia with our renowned producer of cosmetics. Our products have been manufactured in accordance with the highest world standards in the sphere of cosmetics. The proof of that are satisfied buyers from the field of professional hairstylists who are familiar with the novelty products and who rate our products as those of top quality.

La Croa is conceived as a brand which unites natural products for professional care and treatment of hair, based on precious argan and macadamia oil. Argan oil prevents damage to hair during its colouring, and prolongs the duration of hair colour. It improves the firmness of hair and prevents split ends. It is suitable for all hair types. Other raw materials used for manufacturing our products are carefully selected in order to provide quick and visible results which last. The effect of the treatment is immediately visible; the hair is smooth, shiny and healthy.

La Croa line is composed of four products: shampoo, conditioner,
mask and oil for hair.

The buyer gets a wide range of special products at an optimal price. The products are efficient and multifunctional, and synergetic when used in the treatment. Individual items solve hair and skin problems, and the treatments also have an educational function.

The product design is modern and attractive, intended for hair professionals in economic packages, and for retail sale in containers of 20ml up to 1000 ml.

Care and protection of skin. Due to high concentration of vitamin E in argan oil, which is known as the strongest biological antioxidant, this oil is a real elixir for the skin. Argan oil is also known under the name “liquid gold”, as it regenerates skin and keeps it healthy, protects it from free radicals and slows down the ageing process. La Croa brand is preparing a line for body care based on argan and macadamia oil.