Recommendations for hair types

Thin hair

If your hair is thin, we suggest using La Croa shampoo when needed, conditioner after every wash and argan oil. Apply several drops of oil to wet hair, massage in and do not rinse. This combination will increase hair volume and visibly revitalise it.

No volume (thin, medium and full)

How to obtain beautiful, groomed and lush hair? Hair with no volume will love La Croa shampoo, hair mask and several drops of argan oil on wet hair, and it is not necessary to rinse it. Hair with no volume need light formulae with natural ingredients that will not make it heavier, but will give it lightness and pliancy.

Curly hair (thin, medium, full)

Curly hair is specific because it is often dry – it will become shiny and soft with the usage of La Croa shampoo, hair mask and argan oil. We recommend several drops of oil on wet hair without rinsing.

Hair without radiance (thin, medium, full)

You need radiance in your hair? No problem – is you use La Croa shampoo, conditioner and argan oil, several drops without rinsing, your hair will glow and reveal its healthier, softer side. The hair often loses radiance during the year, with the change of the seasons, or due to hormonal changes or poor diet… However, there is a solution: the La Croa line.

Bleached and dyed hair

Light hair is very sensitive, its structure is damaged, so it needs natural formulae that will nourish it and make it healthier. For bleached and dyed hair we recommend the shampoo, conditioner and argan oil when needed, and several drops on the ends daily. This variant is ideal for modern ways of hair bleaching, for ombre or flamboyage highlights, when the hair is partly dyed on the ends which are most sensitive. Bleaching and dying hair makes it possible to change our style frequently, but in that case do not forget excellent La Croa products that will recover the hair’s natural beauty from the roots to the ends.